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Network MESH is a thriving M.E. support group covering West London. We were established in 1990 and have grown significantly since then. We currently have around 130 members, most of whom live in the West London area. In October 2003 we became a Registered Charity.

Our mission statement is “to provide mutual support and information to individuals and their families affected by ME/CFS within the West London area“.

We aim to be a positive, uplifting and informative group, providing on-going support to sufferers and their carers alike. As a result, many of us have made new friends through joining the group and find support and understanding of such a group to be of great help in coping with this most isolating of illnesses.

We are an independent local self-help group, which means we are not directly affiliated to either of the two main national charities, namely Action for M.E. or the ME Association, but members of these organisations are welcome to join our group, and vice versa.



So as to make it easy for anyone who is ill to find us, we use the terms M.E., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, CFS, CFS/ME and ME/CFS interchangeably

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