Welcome to Network MESH (West London)

Art work by Joanna Brendon

“When life goes pear-shaped, a few things can help”. Art work created by Joanna Brendon, an artist and one of our members

Network MESH is a thriving M.E. self-help group, aiming to provide mutual support and information to individuals and their families affected by ME/CFS within the West London area.  MESH stands for “ME Self-Help”.  M.E. is an abbreviation for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Many in the medical profession refer to the illness as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or CFS. Frequently, these terms are combined, as in ME/CFS or CFS/ME.

We are run entirely by people who have ME. We organise informal coffee meetings and other social gatherings, such as garden parties or museum visits, as well as events with speakers from the ME world.

As many of our members are severely ill and house-bound, our quarterly newsletter “Outreach“, this website and the chair’s group email list are an important part of our activities, allowing us to reach those who are too unwell to travel to our events.

We welcome as members anyone who is affected by M.E. or their carers.



4 thoughts on “Welcome to Network MESH (West London)

  1. Suzie Curtis

    Hi there. I would like to join your group. I’ve had m.e for over 20years and just facing another relapse. Learning to stop again which is very hard.
    I’ve just been reading and thinking how to stop my self critical voice today.

    1. Heidi Post author

      Hello Suzie,

      I’m sorry to hear about your relapse. You are very welcome to join our group – you can do so by filling in our membership form, under the “Join Us” section in the menu (or you can find it here http://www.networkmeshwl.org.uk/?page_id=277)

      How to calm down the self-critical voice is certainly a daily struggle for me too – it’s not easy to learn how to be compassionate towards yourself!

      Kind regards, Heidi


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